How To Add Links in Images – WordPress Plugin Recommendation

In my work building websites for small businesses and individuals, I come across some awesome WordPress tools. The posts in the “WordPress Plugin Recommendation” series are meant to show you the options. Some are free, some are premium and some links are affiliate links. Even if I make a small commission from the fee you […]

Keeping Up a Website is Much Like Keeping Up a Car – WordPress Maintenance

When I talked to my friend Mel the other day I realize that having a website is a lot like having a car. In order to run safely and efficiently it needs to be maintained and repaired. At the BlueBird garage we focus on WordPress websites however, in general the points discussed are the same […]

The BlueBird WordPress Plugins

BlueBird websites are 100% WordPress!┬áThis is important because we want to give our clients the power to easily change anything on their website without having to hire a web designer to do it. Considering┬áthe changes in SEO and the ever evolving technological advances this feature is essential. WordPress creates an interface between you and the […]