How to Pick an Awesome Domain Name

In this episode of the BlueBird Podcast Andy and I talk about the important considerations about picking the right name for your website or blog.
We talk about TLDs (Top Level Domains) and if they are worth considering. We discuss if you should always use the .com extension or what you should consider instead.
Did you know that there are currently 364 domain extensions available and 279 are coming up soon?
We talk about how to overcome the difficulty that all the good names seem to have already been taken.
Finally, Andy reveals one of his best-kept secrets.
I invite you to listen to this episode of the BlueBird Podcast, and I would be thrilled if you let me know your thoughts

Beyond Yoast – SEO for Small Business Owners

This is a guest post by Michael Hayes from Darby Hayes Consulting.
SEO can be transformational for businesses.  Business owners know this from experience: When the phone is ringing, everyone is happy.  In an increasingly digital world, more and more customers are taking to Google to find solutions for their needs, and this includes local services and businesses.

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Free Website

I know, especially when you are starting your business or aren’t making a lot of money, paying for a website seems like something you would rather avoid. But a website is an important part of your business though. Too important to ignore in fact. Especially if you want to be seen as a serious professional and […]

How To Add Links in Images – WordPress Plugin Recommendation

In my work building websites for small businesses and individuals, I come across some awesome WordPress tools. The posts in the “WordPress Plugin Recommendation” series are meant to show you the options. Some are free, some are premium and some links are affiliate links. Even if I make a small commission from the fee you […]

Keeping Up a Website is Much Like Keeping Up a Car – WordPress Maintenance

When I talked to my friend Mel the other day I realize that having a website is a lot like having a car. In order to run safely and efficiently it needs to be maintained and repaired. At the BlueBird garage we focus on WordPress websites however, in general the points discussed are the same […]

Your Website As A Branding Tool

Branding your business helps you develop a relationship with your potential and current customers by helping them understand your business’s personality, products and/or services. By developing a brand that people feel they know and understand, you can start to compete with other businesses in a whole new way. You can compete based on the intrinsic […]

Why and How To Choose A Secure Password For Your (WordPress) Website

If you follow my weekly “Best Blog Post” series you have seen many scary reports about an increasing wave of brute force attacks on WordPress sites. These report are strong reminders to secure our accounts with a good, secure password. At any given time I’m helping several website owners taking charge of their website or […]

Introducing The Heritage Marker Project

I donated a brand new plaque featuring important information about the building’s history and a photo from 1910. In addition to this traditional content I also added a QR code and a short URL to the sign. If you scan the code you are led to a landing page that is optimized for mobile devices.