Avoid Most Auto-DMs on Twitter

The more people you follow on Twitter the more you will find your Direct Message (DM) box fill up. Many of my friends will not even look at their DMs anymore unless you let them know that you sent them something in private. But there is a magic bullet to get rid of auto-DMs

Social Media Is The Oxygen Of This Revolution #SyriaKelowna

As a Social Media consultant I often write about the How, What, Why and tips and tricks to make your experience more rewarding. As much as I love doing that Social Media is much more than that – it represents a fundamental shift in our lives – a shift that can be compared to the impact of the printing press or the industrial revolution.

With the help of many friends I co-organized an event yesterday that brought the struggle of the Syrian people into our small city of Kelowna, BC

Social Media Doesn’t Give Us a Voice, But Amplifies It

Social media is the revolutionary tool of the new millennium. Revolutionaries no longer wield swords or are on the attack like in previous eras. The Syrian revolutionary is in the form of a citizen journalist; one of the most noble, important and dangerous roles of the revolution. They are equipped with camera phones or maybe camcorders, and film tragedy on a daily basis.

Don’t Sanitize your Social Media Presence

Don’t get me wrong – I do schedule updates and I am guilty of using Twitter as a RSS feed too often. We all get pulled into self promotion sometimes. I’m also glad I still have my private Twitter account @frith64 where I chat about my hobbies and my political opinions.

But! Remember that it’s people that make purchasing decisions, not search engines and not analytics. After all the glitter is gone, consumers as well as B2B (business to business) decision makers are human beings – Social Media works when we manage to establish a direct or indirect personal connection.

The Ultimate Pinterest Post

It seems like every Social Media blogger has to publish a post about Pinterest these days. There is a lot of very good material out there and it seems to be redundant for me to add my twist on this exciting new Social Networking tool. So I decided to go a different route and enlist the services of the exciting new list and curation service List.ly

Where To Check Your Online Reputation

As I always point out, being present on the most important Social Media pages is important for any brand today. Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter gives customers, and potential customers, the chance to communicate with you directly, ask questions and vent their gripes.

What about comments that are not placed directly on your pages though? The fact that you don’t see the comments doesn’t mean they are not there! Make sure you monitor your brand!

Reputation Management – What If Someone Says Something Bad About Me?

Good customer service is a cornerstone of successful business; we all know that. Of course, nothing is perfect and so it does happen that people complain. We used to say that if a customer liked your service he would tell one person, and if he didn’t he would tell ten people.

What Makes Social Media Social?

On February 25th 2012 over 100 Kelowna residents came out and walked in support of the 30K Club – a local charity that gives people a hand-up in (re-) entering a productive sustainable life. Over the years the 30K Club has helped many to find a roof over their head and find a job to […]

Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Platform

It may very well be that I started this whole blog series to be able to tell you about Twitter….. The series is designed to tell you a little bit about each of the most important Social Media tools. I’m introducing the platforms and talking about their best use. I hope my posts help you […]