Essential Survival Tips For Increased Productivity

My friend and sales coach Colin Parker is an incredibly productive man. Since I’ve known him he pulls off regular webinars, builds websites for people, travels internationally to consult with sales teams and teaches small business owners how to sell their goods and services.
Like many of us, Colin has “Shiny Object Syndrome”. This means that he gets easily distracted by new tools, gadgets, and ideas. The pull from more interesting tasks lets us put less pleasant ones on the back burner.
Colin tells us his tricks for being more productive.

Is Cross Selling Creepy or Smart?

I’ve had a busy weekend adding a proper online store to my website. With every product I add one¬†question arises: “Should I cross-sell or up-sell any other of my products or is that too pushy?” Cross-selling consists of offering related products and services to your existing customers based on current or former purchasing history. Cross-selling […]

My New Year’s Prediction: Sales and Marketing Automation for Small Business

The term “Marketing Automation” is getting more and more popular. I see the rise of marketing automation continue this year and expect it to become one of the biggest trends in the sales and marketing world in 2015.

Automation can be a bad thing when used incorrectly but it can also be very helpful. As small business people and social media managers we can automate menial and repetitive tasks to save time to do more important things like communicate with our clients and prospects.

The Ultimate Sales Weapon

My friend Colin Parker is my favourite sales expert! In his recent newsletter he wrote about how he uses his iPad for sales presentations. While this tip is stretching the topics of my blog a little I thought his hands – on advice is helpful for you. Thanks for this guest post Colin! [hr] When […]