Practical Ways To Spot Fake News Like A Journalist [BlueBird Podcast]

While I was researching for a blog post about how to avoid spreading fake news I realized that while all of us are becoming curators and editors of news in our lives, there are those that are consciously working on this every day – journalists.
I decided to ask my friend Adrian Nieoczym to tell us how a journalist makes sure not to spread false information. Adrian is one of the journalists I trust and his answers in the interview illustrate why this trust is justified. I know from personal experience that he doesn’t just take anyone’s word as truth without being able to back up the story.

The Quality of Your Headline is Essential [BlueBird Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 2 of the BlueBird Podcast!
Headlines, email subject lines, tweets and other social media updates are an essential element of content marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your content is or how much time you spent producing that great video. If the headline doesn’t draw us in, few people will choose to spend their time with it.
Larry Arrance, my guest on today’s podcast, has some great hands-on tips about how to create better headlines. He also agreed to send out a very valuable swipe file filled with proven headline templates.

How Social Media Gives Wings To Word Of Mouth [BlueBird Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 1 of the BlueBird Podcast!
Word of mouth is one of the biggest drivers for almost any business and it is at the core of and social media.
In my interview with Roy Prevost we learn about the importance of word of mouth and, I explain why Social Media is an important amplifier for these messages.