How Fake Facebook Likes Damage Your Brand

Recently I was shopping around for legal services. This time I didn’t want to ask my friends for recommendations so I did a local google search and found some interesting providers close by. I found basic information on the website but wanted to learn more about the humans behind the brand so I clicked on the link to the Facebook page.

What I found was a boring page with a few motivational quotes, a couple of posts per week and almost no engagement. This is typical for a business that hire low cost social media management provider.

But then I saw how many likes this page has:

How To Use Hashtags in Facebook –

Welcome back to the The weekly webinar where I speak about one of the topics I get the most questions about. This week’s show was about #hashtags in Facebook I explain what a hashtag really is and what it has to do with the # sign. Then we look at how different social networks […]

Facebook’s Edgerank Can Be a Chance For More Interaction on Social Media

Why did Facebook introduce Edgerank?
Edgerank is designed to help us filter out the important updates (I’m leaving my comments about this for a different rant post)
Edgerank serves Facebook’s stock holders by pushing marketers to pay for more exposure

Facebook Pages Are The Only Way To Promote Your Business Or Organization!

Using Facebook Profiles for anything other than a real person has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service since Pages were introduced but nobody seemed to do much about it. I suspect that Facebook will find a way to shut down these profiles quickly now because the “fake” accounts are damaging to Facebook’s bottom line and therefore it’s stock prices.

There are more reasons why it makes sense to switch to Facebook Pages as soon as possible:

Beware of Traps on Facebook

They seem to come in waves – but a lot of them return over and over again: Facebook scams. The other day I asked on my Facebook Page:

What do you do if you see one of your Facebook friends post a scam on their wall?

Most of you responded that you would tell your friend, either on their wall or in a private message, that they fell into a trap.

8 Ways To Attract Real Likes to Your Facebook Page

You have a new Facebook page and look forward to connecting with your current and future fans. Great! But how do you tell them that it’s there? How do you find an audience? There are many ways and I hope to give you a few suggestions with this post.
Lesson learned: Creating valuable content that people want to share is smarter business than impressive numbers.

That being said it is important to get the word out there especially for new pages and there are many ways you can spread the word about your page!

16 good reasons to use Facebook

Everybody is talking about it, but let’s take it apart a little and look at what is behind the shiny “face” (bad pun intended 😉 ) If you read my previous post “What is Social Media” you know that this series is designed to see how Social Media platforms incorporate these three indicators:

Offer an easy option to comment and leave feed-back
Make content available and sharable
Provide an opportunity for (open) dialogue