The Best Online Articles of The Last Three Weeks

This summer is really hot – not only does the weather lure me to play outside way too often but work has been particularly busy in the last two months. I’m not complaining 🙂 However, I continue to find, read, share and collect a lot of outstanding blog posts every week. Depending on where my […]

Best Online Articles Of Week 33

I almost had too much fun this weekend playing outdoors but I figure you are all waiting for my weekly post of the best online articles I found, curated and shared this week. Sometimes I wish I was a full time blogger – I had so much fun with the #Likeableblogs blogging challenge this week […]

Week 32 – The Very Best Articles I Found

I read a lot of blog posts every week. Most of them I find on my journey’s through the Social Media streams – often they are recommended by people I follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Some are suggested to me by friends and some I seek out in searches. I read most of […]

Hump Week Blog Roundup

This week was Pinterest week for me – I published my blog post about my friend John Thiessen’s social media strategy and in particular his use of Pinterest

Social Media Provides a Lot Of Different Touch Points

Talking to John has changed the way I see Pinterest and I will use it more from now on.

Before I let you go I wanted to wish my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day tomorrow – see you at the fireworks!