Become Your Own Broadcaster – Promote Your Events With The Right Social Media Tools

How we reached an audience of 76,000 for the Kelowna Apple Triathlon without the help of traditional media.
The Event itself is mostly only the highlight of a campaign and/or the ongoing work of an organization. The benefits of having your event highly publicised are many. Exposure, fundraising and membership drives are probably the most obvious. Events are also great ways to build your Social Media following for your future work.

Beyond Marketing: @ExploreEnderby – The Twitter Project in The North Okanagan

I’m always looking for good, innovative ways to use Social Media tools and today I would like to introduce you to an awesome project using Twitter. We found this great Project in the little town of Enderby BC – population of 2900. We traveled to Enderby to talk to some of the people involved so I could tell you the story of this unusual Social Media project.

16 good reasons to use Facebook

Everybody is talking about it, but let’s take it apart a little and look at what is behind the shiny “face” (bad pun intended 😉 ) If you read my previous post “What is Social Media” you know that this series is designed to see how Social Media platforms incorporate these three indicators:

Offer an easy option to comment and leave feed-back
Make content available and sharable
Provide an opportunity for (open) dialogue

Sometimes one blog just isn’t enough

I was so fortunate to talk to Cathryn about blogging and Social Media on one late summer afternoon and would like to share the interview with you over the next couple of blog posts.

Many people struggle with the question: “What am I going to write about?” Hear what Cathryn Wellner a.k.a. @storyroute has to say about that: