BlueBird Dictionary Posts

Every day we use certain terms over and over, often without being able to explain what they mean. As a Social Media coach I am often in situations where I have to explain terms that seem common to me but are not clear to others.
I started a series of blog posts explaining some of these words.
I call this project the BlueBird Dictionary

Viral – BlueBird Dictionary

Even the definition of “viral” in the dictionary shows the two main areas the word is used: [quote fw_shortcode_id=”2″] In this BlueBird Dictionary post, I want to look at the online for of the word. We all have heard the words Viral video Viral content Make something go viral The _____ went viral [clickToTweet tweet=”The […]

What is an Algorithm? BlueBird Dictionary

Algorithm is a word that is used widely – but what does it mean? Webster’s Dictionary defines it like this: Full Definition of algorithm :  a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation; broadly:  a step-by-step […]

What is Clickbait? – BlueBird Dictionary

It seems unclear when the word “clickbait” was first used. It was officially recognized by Webster’s Dictionary in 2015. Webster’s claims it was first used in 2010 but Gizmodo traces the practice back to 1888. Language is a living and evolving organism and new words enter our daily vocabulary all the time. Often we use […]