5 Security Habits Every Blogger Needs to Make a Part of Their Daily Lives

Guest post by Cassie Phillips If you owned a jewelry store, you’d want to protect your merchandise. You wouldn’t install flimsy locks on your doors, leave your store open and unattended, or forget to install an alarm system. As a blogger, your information is your merchandise, and your blog is your store, so you need […]

Win The Content Game With The Most Amazing Headlines

Most of us spend much more time creating content than creating a headline. But if you think about how we decide what to click on the internet the headline is much too important to be an afterthought. In this post, I asked Larry Arrance about how he approaches headlines as a professional writer. I also introduce a few tools that make writing effective headlines much more effective.

How to Create Impact with Short Blog Posts

Writing short micro-focused blog posts can have a huge impact on your readers. Sometimes it simply doesn’t take many words to get your point across. If you can condense your thoughts into what is fundamental, your blog posts will be easier to read, carry more weight, and probably even get more readers. The reason you […]

How To Create a Strategic Blogging Plan

A blog’s success is not an accident. Like any business, the best blogs begin with a plan. Successful bloggers don’t just jump in randomly writing topics as the thoughts occur. Success is achieved from having and following a strategic blogging plan, which guides them toward their goals.

Even if you are blogging for pleasure, a strategic blogging plan is needed to build an audience and grow your blog. It’s estimated there are over 152 million blogs on the internet right now and a new blog is created every half-second. With odds like that, you need to have a plan to stand out among the crowd and grow your readership.

How To Get Started With Blogging – Find Your Blogging Voice

How to find your blogging voice?
The voices of Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston are very distinctive. When you hear them sing, you instantly know it’s them. In writing, your writing voice needs to be distinct as well. It should reflect who you are and how you normally talk.

How To Get Started With Blogging – Find Your Blog Topic

In my post “Blogging for Business – Blogs are like Puppies” I introduced you to some of the main benefits of blogging. Today I am starting a mini series about how to get started with blogging: Part 1: Find Your Blog Topic Some people say that blogging is dead and that social media has killed it. […]

Photography for Bloggers: How to Make an Impact with Visual Imagery

The internet is a more and more visual place. We absorb information much quicker if it’s packaged in an image and good images that tell a story get shared more. Yes, you can buy stock images but if your own photography skills are up to the task your posts will be a lot more personal. […]