Don’t worry – I didn’t forget about you 🙂 here is my list of recommended articles found in my social media stream in the last two weeks.

I was really impressed by Peter Mansbridge’s interview with Margaret Atwood on CBC and wrote a post about it.

I am very impressed by the approach to Twitter by this Canadian literary icon.

And I am thrilled that my favourite blog Steamfeed published another one of my posts:

But I’ll let you get to the posts below – enjoy the reading list and the upcoming week!
If you are a blogger and would like me to feature your post in next weekend’s edition – please share it with me! And come back! I’m publishing a list of the best blog posts every weekend.


Tweet4ok mechanicHere is what I want you to do:

  1. Read my comments and as many posts as you like
  2. Leave a comment either on the @Listly list or in the comment section
  3. Use the Listly buttons to vote
  4. Nominate any posts that I missed by leaving a reason and a link in the comments (you are limited to one link per comment)
  5. Please don’t SPAM random links to your various social profiles into the comments or the Listly
  6. Have FUN!


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