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When I was young we wore all kinds of badges or pins on our clothes to show our support for causes we felt passionate about. These buttons were great opportunities for discussions with whoever dared to confront us about our views. They were also a way to draw people of similar interests together.

In today’s world where we are connected to a lot more people through Social Media tools, badges are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. By adding a badge on your profile picture you can show the world where you stand.

human rights campaign badgeRecently the Human Rights Campaign motivated large numbers of Facebook users to replace their profile pictures with this badge – virtually turning Facebook pink in support of same-sex marriage.

As it was with my badges when I was a teenager ,I hope this campaign sparked a lot of productive discussion.

If you have a cause you want to promote or an opinion you want to express and you want to reach your whole Social Media network, you can dress up your Avatar with a badge. I’ve been using Twibbon.com for years and it’s great for this.

Yesterday I created a badge on Twibbon to support my friend and MLA Norm Letnick in his re-election campaign in the upcoming BC provincial election.

I recorded this screencast to show you how to place a badge on your Twitter and Facebook profile.

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Please send me a tweet to @Tweet4ok and show me where you placed your badge on your avatar!

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