Ignite Your Blog Content – Hugh Culver Introduces SOS [BlueBird Podcast EP8]

In this podcast episode, Hugh Introduces “Get SOS” to us. The SOS team reads your blog posts and creates a series of social media updates to promote your blog. It doesn’t replace the need to be active in your social media efforts (otherwise I wouldn’t post this 🙂 ) but it takes care of a lot of the work involved in the content promotion.

Because Hugh and his team are so involved in the blogging world, he also shares helpful blogging tips in general.

Vicki McLeod #Untrending [BlueBird Podcast EP7]

Welcome to Episode 7 of the BlueBird Podcast.
My special Guest today is Vicki McLeod

Vicki and I talk about her recent book #Untrending. It is a small book filled with wisdom. Vicki caused me to think about our obsession of being “always on” and she is challenging the notion that everybody has to hustle more all the time to survive in today’s online world.

“Vicki is a writer, coach consultant, and award-winning entrepreneur. You can find her online at vickimcleod.com and offline in the beautiful Fraser Valley, in pajamas, making something” (From the book cover)

Vicki’s book #Untrending caused me to think about my own FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We talk about this as well as the challenge of coaching others to produce an amount of content that is effective without losing their privacy and peacefulness.

I invite you to listen to the podcast and tell me what you think in the comments or by email: [email protected] .

Voices from Social Media Camp 2017 [BlueBird Podcast]

I went to the Social Media Camp conference in Victoria BC last week and I loved the whole experience! This conference has the right mix of being big enough to feature interesting content and small enough so you don’t get lost and you have an opportunity to hang out with the incredible speakers and other professionals.

I was inspired by what I experienced and I am determined to let you take part in this newfound inspiration by creating content around what I learned and the people I met. I am planning to bring you podcast interviews with some of the new and old friends I met at the conference.

But at first, I am taking you with me to Social Media Camp. I managed to capture some soundbites from the conference.

I would love to hear what you think about the podcast or if you have questions about Social Media Camp. please send me an email at [email protected]

Digital Hallway – Teaching Social Media in Schools [BlueBird Podcast]

When Sean Smith realized that businesses were struggling to find employees that were able to handle their Social Media tools he realized that we were dealing with a whole generation that has grown up teaching themselves how to use these new tools but had never been taught. Schools and teachers aren’t equipped to fill this gap yet so Sean started developing the Digital Hallway project, an online resource for parents, teachers, and teens. That is the topic of today’s episode.

How To Avoid Spreading Fake News Like A Pro

“Fake News” will certainly be a hot contender for “Word of The Year 2017”. But don’t worry, despite the fact that the term “Fake News” is a favourite expression of the 45th president of the United States this is not a post about politics.
With this article I want to:
– Point out why this topic is important for all content creators and Social Media users
– Show a few tell-tale signs of unreliable information
– Report what does Facebook do to fight fake news?
– Introduce sites that help to quickly check the truthfulness of a post we see
– Share what I learned from a professional journalist about how to make sure you get the full story

Practical Ways To Spot Fake News Like A Journalist [BlueBird Podcast]

While I was researching for a blog post about how to avoid spreading fake news I realized that while all of us are becoming curators and editors of news in our lives, there are those that are consciously working on this every day – journalists.
I decided to ask my friend Adrian Nieoczym to tell us how a journalist makes sure not to spread false information. Adrian is one of the journalists I trust and his answers in the interview illustrate why this trust is justified. I know from personal experience that he doesn’t just take anyone’s word as truth without being able to back up the story.

The Quality of Your Headline is Essential [BlueBird Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 2 of the BlueBird Podcast!
Headlines, email subject lines, tweets and other social media updates are an essential element of content marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your content is or how much time you spent producing that great video. If the headline doesn’t draw us in, few people will choose to spend their time with it.
Larry Arrance, my guest on today’s podcast, has some great hands-on tips about how to create better headlines. He also agreed to send out a very valuable swipe file filled with proven headline templates.

How Social Media Gives Wings To Word Of Mouth [BlueBird Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 1 of the BlueBird Podcast!
Word of mouth is one of the biggest drivers for almost any business and it is at the core of and social media.
In my interview with Roy Prevost we learn about the importance of word of mouth and, I explain why Social Media is an important amplifier for these messages.

How to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

One of the biggest fears of many small businesses when beginning to use Social Media tools is that of negative reviews. I talk a lot about the benefits of an active online presence but there is a dark side to this publicity.

In this article I talk about what happens if you are NOT present in the online space.
I interview the renown customer service expert Roy Prevost about what to do about customer complaints.
And finally, I will show you how to handle complaints on Facebook. With a special appearance by the brilliant and funny Tara Hunt.